Starters and Antipasto

Opening the meal: the appetizers

We welcome the guests’ culinary experience with our savoury and internationally appetizers.


The word that literally means something to appetize, is the same in all cultures. Before the meal, it helps to stimulate the appetite, so known as the starter or a refreshing snack. It is served hot or cold depending on the season and usually presented in different sizes, customized for these purposes. The typical dish used to hold different food components is called Ravièra, an elongated oval one made of s/steel or ceramic with small trays. Whereas cold meats and cheeses are traditionally served on rustic wooden cutting board, for a more authentic and genuine experience. In any case ready food to be tasted.

Italian Antipasto all over the world

We bring Italian tastes worldwide


The popular “Antipasto Italiano” is one of the typical Italian dishes, available in every region with local ingredient differences. Now as in the past, it usually offers good quality cold and ready-sliced meats, traditionally served on hand crafted wooden cutting boards that enhance the flavour and keep the right humidity levels, along with tasty cheeses, pickled or grilled vegetables either marinated in olive oil or vinegar and many types of olives. Nowadays the antipasto can also include marinated or smoked fish, and other types of meats and vegetables. Antipastos are developed by professional chefs in artful compositions.

The new Antipasto Concept: duo, trio, premium pack

Three forms describe the concept.


These ready trays of food for a more hygienic and handy dining experience, helps have a pleasant and palatable time. BRC and IFS certified, the packaging is suited for all who want to try the typical Italian delicatessen atmosphere. During a break, for brunch or before a meal, its colours and variety of food invite to enjoy a tasteful moment in a hurry or shared with friends.
Each pack has the same number of food items: duo pack for two ones, trio pack for three, premium for a selection of five elements. From simple combinations of meats or cheese and bread-sticks to more abundant schemes adding vegetables and other kinds of meat and cheeses, the choice is yours.

Production Area

North, Center, and South Italy




Pane & Olio

Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, 1621

Cooking has become an art, a noble science; the chefs are gentlemen.

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