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Travel Food: New Frontieres

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Travel Market trend

We are continuing striving to meet the travel market trends and changes with new innovative healthy food on the go.
Our passion for the best ingredients paired with the evolution for speed, everything needs to be conveniently packed, ready to be moved quickly, in easy simple formats and suitable for every occasion.

Anywhere & Anytime ready to use.

We now offer a variety of stylish food concepts on the move.



All day snack boxes



Antipasto & Tapas boxes



Entertainment & Movie boxes



Breakfast boxes



Coffee & tea boxes



Special Meal Boxes for breakfast, lunch & dinner

packaging design

Travelers want to feel good

All our packaging is designed with open and close sections making it versatile, can be used for chilled and ambient, or ambient and frozen food combinations maximum flexability. Also the specially made boxes when opened become a mini tray mat.

The new user-friendly Breakfast Box contains a selection of fine Italian pre-packed delicacies, including mini shortbread cookies, freshly baked croissants and schiacciatina bread slices that pair well with fruit jams. A great way to start the day!

These boxes can all be custom made and personalized with individual logo or themes. The products can be also selected from the leading italian brands. The premium box has a wider use and include a drink or water cuplet, ready meal or sandwich snacks also a selection for various ambient products, such as energy bars, savory crackers, olive packs and typical Italian sweet and pastry foods .

The new wave in food and beverage, we are now able to offer travel industry operators a complete meal and beverage solution.

The traditional models have changed, travelers today want to be free to select what and when to eat which is also connected to their lifestyle and emotional preferences. Travelers want to feel good and are no longer content with just accepting whatever good or bad is dished out to them. Such “feel good” products solution are what we are able to provide to our customers internationally.

Even the simplest items must have a sense of style and convenience but must also be functional and beautiful.

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