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Single serve solution is our trademark.


Pioneers of tradition and passion, we create and supply food products of the highest quality, offering just in time service, anywhere and anyplace.

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We offer a pleasant sensory activities on those occasions when you need a refreshment break
We want to communicate the culture of true Italian food.


The wellness also passes by the palate
Pioneers of tradition and passion, we create and supply only food products of the highest quality, offering seasonal and authentic ingredients.


The principles of responsibility, integrity, reliability, transparency and empathy are the essential values that characterize our work.


We operate successfully in both the Italian and International tourism market. We offer genuine flavors combined with creativity and innovation, for those who enjoy the pleasures of good food and just in time delivery.

It is truly Genuine Extra Virgin

Our Extra Virgin Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a different food components freshly garnished with 100% natural olive oil, resulting excellent superior flavor and aromas.

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