Who We are

The single serve solution is our trademark.

Who We Are

The authenticity of the good Italian food comes from the passion and love for nature

Over the years we have grown constantly, becoming one of the leading food supplies in the Hotel, Travel, Catering and entertainment sectors.

Today we operate successfully in both the Italian and International markets. We offer genuine flavors and quality for those who enjoy the pleasures of good food.
The single serve solution is our trademark.
Over time we have consolidated this attitude, always ensuring the highest quality standards and dynamic services, becoming a roll model for Caterings and tourism segments.
Major International Airlines, distributors and wholesalers have chosen us as their trusted supplier for our product quality, competence and high reliability.

We have created more than 500 genuine different products, all designed to meet and satisfy international menus and today dietary needs. We offer complete menu solutions, Ready Meals, Hot Snacks, Pizzas and delicious Dressingscovering all types of services (First, Business and Economy Class) from the supply of appetizer to dessert.
We strive to satisfy those who know and appreciate the uniqueness and authenticity of the good Italian food, those who are aware of the strengths of our culinary heritage and understand the importance of quality on the ever demanding foreign markets.

There are places that after you depart you wish to make you immediately return.

Our Values

The principles of

responsibility, integrity, reliability, transparency and empathy

are the essential values that characterize our work. Everytime we choice the correctness in human relations, the continual attention and care towards all customer.


We believe in the

driving forces

that helps us to always move forward without accepting defeat,


We believe in


the emotions, the sensibility and the strengths,


We believe in


the unrational ability to invent,


We believe in


the ability of living well and doing good, that nourishes and educates in the selection of healthy and tasty food,


We believe in the

mixing Art with Culture

the territory our historical past, life style and the knowledge.


We believe in the

valorization of human resources

the continual training, in the respect for professionalism of our employees, in their well-being and the best working environments, these are truely company assets.


We believe that

healthy and good food

the quality of our products, in addition to donating wellness in the state of mind and spirit are valuable instruments for exporting these culinary cultures on the global markets.










We offer a pleasant sensory activities on those occasions when you need a refreshment break


We want to communicate the culture of true Italian food.

We transmit our love for good food in our daily functions, with lots of dedication and loving care. We want to communicate our Food Culture, our Culinary Traditions, our Recipes that are anchored to our territory, a mix of history and culture; but also dedication to research and development, offering many dietary menus and nutritional solutions.

The continual commitment to quality is therefore the leverage where we are mostly focused, food solutions able to conquer even the most refined palates, for those who want to try an irresistible taste and culinary experience, where simple natural taste are always present and satisfying.

The wellness also passes by the palate


Pioneers of tradition and passion, we create and supply only food products of the highest quality, offering seasonal and authentic ingredients

We like to delight the taste, transmit customer suggestions, ask every day the aim of meeting the needs of those who rely on us for the pleasure of good food, because “being comes from the palate.”

The ethical commitment for us lies in the respect for the customer, fundamental value, in establishing and enhancing a favorable relationship of trust in a speech clarity and availability addressed to their needs, to their health. This for us is a fundamental value, which is why we offer products inspired by criteria of quality, authenticity and food safety.

Customers Love Us

Passion. Dedication. Determination

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