Maltosia, the new italian craft beer

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Maltosia, la birra artigianale della Tuscia, Maltosia, the craft beer from Tuscia

Golden Ale 33 cl

Maltosia, the innovative craft italian beer

Sometimes you need to try something different from the same ordinary beer. Maltosia is the new Made in Italy craft beer, brewed with Nepi saffron: an original product right for all the refreshment situations.

Maltosia: italian innovation in the craft beer business

Just try to think about the moment you are going to choose the beer that you are going to drink in the following fifteen minutes. No matter the place and the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting for your aperitivo or standing to spend the night with your friends. Think about your sliding finger on the menu, or when you’re in front of the fridge, in a bar. Ok, that’s the moment when the desire to try something better, different, or simply new gets your mind. Isn’t it?

The answer you can use to silence that voice that runs through your head has come. Its name is Maltosia, and it’s the result of the innovation process that we wanted to apply also to a product whose consume level has costantly grown up in the last three years. Indeed in 2008, economic crisis hit the business of the most widespread drink in the world indeed. Maltosia is a craft beer and it’s trying to fit into a market that is getting bigger thanks to the growing number of people who are curious to want to try an exclusive product.

Production and features

Made in Italy, Maltosia is a single-malt beer and it mirrors the Golden Ale features. Besides a golden color and a 6% alcholic gradation, there’s a hopping exalted by our spice: beer is brewed with Nepi saffron, that comes from our fields and is produced by Soi. As all the best craft beers, Maltosia too is a no-pastorized product.

The best format

It is clear that sometimes innovation is a keyword to understand the production processes; on the contrary, other times you just need to follow the tradition features to get closer to the new consumers. That’s why we decided to rely to the 33 cl format, the most popular one. Since it’s closer to its needs and desires, it’s choosen by the majority of the new generation guys and not just them. All the consumers prefer it in all the refreshment situations.


So Maltosia beer has been thought for a simple consummation, in line with the most common habits related to food and more: the pleasant balance of flavours you feel makes it perfect for saturday night dinner, for the aperitivo, or still for being a good company when you spend the night with your friends. The result, also given by the fermentation with the saffron of Nepi, is the feeling of having a tasty beer with a strong body in your hands.
Everytime you can is the right time to give yourself the pleasure of an exclusive beer, a beer that has everything to be recognized as a special one and to become a compain you can’t get away from.

Drink responsibly.

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