Covid-19 Solutions

For the health of all of us, we adopt responsible solutions.

NEW hygiene salad kits

The new kit is practical, hygienic and safe, each single portion bottle is hermetically sealed and supplied in a recyclable bag.
Each client has his/her individual easy opening mono-use bottles of dressing and olive oil 100% made in Italy and of the highest quality. Ideal on D-go solutions.
The used up bottles can be re-placed into the bag and sealed make the handling of waste simple and safe for the operator.

The unique Snap and Pour® opening system is convenient and easy to open guaranteeing the maximum health and safety as no other person comes in contact with your personalized salad dressing and olive oil. In addition our bottles stand up-right once opened.


At this time it is also very important to offer an individually sealed cutlery service that respects the environment, our proposal is to offer a customizable kit with ecological, compostable and recyclable cutlery. According to the needs, a KIT can be composed that can be completed with our 100% Italian condiments and single-dose sachets of salt and pepper. Each kit includes a single-dose bottle of 2 ml of hand sanitizer.

The Snap and Pour® system, in addition to having an easy opening, guarantees hygiene and cleanliness as it has been designed to remain standing even when opened.

The hygienic condiments kit is suitable for restaurants, canteens, bars, collective catering, hotels and transport and complies with the provisions for containing covid-19.

Complete individual KIT with Mask and Sanitizing Gel

Our offer for solutions to combat Covid-19 also includes a KIT that includes a hand sanitizing gel and a reusable hygienic mask up to 5 times in TNT 100% POLYPROPYLENE. Composed of two layers of non-woven fabric for civil and industrial use.

Each layer of the mask has a shape and size that ensure ample coverage of the respiratory tract (nose and mouth) leaving the eyes comfortably free. these two layers act both as a filter and as a protection.

The mask is a handmade product and is available in white, blue and pink with a customizable flag.

Practical and hygienic kits

We care about your safety

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